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The WMarketplace Accelerator uniquely offers a nation-wide ecommerce sales channel that is accessible to emerging and larger-scale, women-owned brands based in the US or those looking to enter the US market, along with comprehensive skills training and support curriculum. Entrepreneurs are learning while selling and immediately putting into practice their new skills.

Our program is designed to drive economic and entrepreneurship development, ensuring that women entrepreneurs have a fair and equal opportunity to excel in the ecommerce landscape. By empowering women entrepreneurs anywhere with access to the internet to successfully operate online, The WMarketplace seeks to support their economic independence. With all of the data available to ecommerce, WMarketplace can measure ROI for accelerator participants and funders.

We partner with local, state and federal agencies and other domestic and international organizations committed to economic development. Large retailers utilize our training to diversify their product selection with "ready to scale" suppliers.

Foundations or other NGOs who prefer to work through a non-profit can fund accelerator training through our fiscal sponsor, Be Bold For Change

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In 2023, we partnered with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce Ukraine and successfully piloted a training program for women entrepreneurs in Ukraine. The training had an immediate, positive impact for the participating company, giving her access to the U.S. market via our ecommerce marketplace and increased sales and employment for her business, along with improved technical skills.

WMarketplace ecommerce curriculum was launched in the fall of 2020 in collaboration with the Washington Center for Women in Businesses (WCWB) in S.W. Washington State. The WCWB needed an effective tool to shift women-owned businesses to an ecommerce model following the pandemic shutdown. Working together, The WMarketplace and WCWB brought women-owned businesses onto The WMarketplace, giving them immediate access to a nation-wide marketplace and new tools to understand how to sell online. This success was replicated in the spring and summer of 2021 with the Orange County Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, with additional cohorts of women-owned businesses being trained in the basics of ecommerce and joining The WMarketplace as sellers.

To date, over 150 women-owned businesses have participated in ecommerce training and joined the WMarketplace. With additional market research and curriculum development, the original workshops have evolved into the WMarketplace Accelerator, a comprehensive, economic development program for women-owned businesses to efficiently and effectively grow their online sales and take advantage of the rapidly growing digital marketplace. 

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Official Strategic Partner Since 2022

WMarketplace is proud to partner with the International Trade Administration in bringing resources, information and connections to small businesses and microenterprises exploring growth through international ecommerce sales. 


Through the WMarketplace Accelerator program, we introduce small businesses to the benefits of exporting along with the resources available through federal, state and local government programs.


WMarketplace aligns with and amplifies the resources of other Official Strategic Partners to leverage support for small businesses that participate in the Accelerator.

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Learn more about our official strategic partnership with the ITA by watching the video below:

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At Wmarketplace, we understand that one of our strengths is our ability to partner and collaborate with organizations of all sizes from all over the world. We believe that no one does it alone, and the more resources and connections we bring to our community, the more economic impact we will have to close the gender gap.


We believe in creating powerful partnerships that enable us to expand our capabilities and deliver value to women entrepreneurs and our partners.



Below are some of our most valuable partners and membership organizations:


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Are you a retailer looking for a pipeline of women-owned businesses?

WMarketplace is a mission-driven business founded to connect women-owned businesses to their potential by supporting them to grow and scale online.  


We have the unique ability to combine customized, comprehensive ecommerce curriculum and coaching with a thriving, nation-wide online sales channel to provide a pipeline of qualified, emerging women-owned brands (including certified women-owned) that are ready to scale and be successful on your marketplace. 


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