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Economic Engine for Women

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The WMarketplace Inc. is an innovative training,  development and market assessment business dedicated to empowering women-owned businesses and driving economic growth. We provide comprehensive support, practical tools, market assessments and technical assistance to accelerate the success of women entrepreneurs in the global digital marketplace..

Our mission is to drive economic prosperity for female entrepreneurs through the growing ecosystem of online sales.

We partner with state and federal agencies, corporations and international development organizations, and other economic development programs to bring training to their clients. Large retailers utilize our training to diversify their product selection with "ready to scale" suppliers.


The WMarketplace Inc. is for women-owned businesses ready to take advantage of the explosive growth of online sales, and looking for tools and support to scale. These businesses have an existing product or service and may already be selling online, but they want access to effective training, mentorship and networks of community so they can grow, hire employees and invest in their communities. This also is true of rural businesses that with the right kind of resources can have the same access to unlimited online growth, and in turn can positively effect their own communities with increased employment, investment and growth.

Our accelerator program content and delivery is customized for U.S.-based or international businesses who want access to the U.S market. Content also is fully customized to meet retailer-specific requirements. 

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