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Over 150 businesses have successfully completed the WMarketplace Accelerator Program since 2020.  Alumni have gone on to scale and grow their online businesses by double digits on and across other digital platforms.


With our extensive network of partnerships with public and private organizations, nonprofit and for-profit entities, we will continue to grow the number of women-owned businesses who are ready to take advantage of the democratizing effects of digital commerce.  





Starting in 2020, the WMarketplace accelerator has successfully partnered with Washington Center for Women-Owned Businesses and the Orange County Inland Empire SBDC, to develop and launched the first version of our ecommerce accelerator content and trained and welcomed over 130 women-owned businesses onto WMarketplace in a series of cohorts. Our partnership with WCWB thrives today with a new cohort joining our Accelerator at the end of January 2024. 


We expanded our content and co-hosted a virtual seminar with the Seattle U.S. Export Assistance Center, “Why Export” offering inspiring stories of women-owned businesses in the Pacific Northwest who have successfully grown their business through exporting. Export Assistance Center clients and women-owned businesses who sell on WMarketplace attended along with U.S. Commercial Service staff. 

Q3 2023

With the support of the International Trade Administration’s Office of Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, the American Chamber of Commerce, Ukraine and a multinational corporate sponsor, we successfully launched a pilot program for a Ukrainian women entrepreneur to join our Accelerator and WMarketplace as a seller. After completing the accelerator training, the business owner reported a 15% increase in her sales to the U.S. market.  Press Release 

Q2 2024

The WMarketplace to host a two-day Customized Accelerator program in Warsaw, Poland targeting 50 Ukrainian women entrepreneurs.  

Anna, Ukraine

We have participated in numerous trainings, webinars, and courses but they did not offer as much specific, concrete, and targeted information, tailored to what we need, as The WMarketplace Accelerator.

Maureen, CA

Thank you for providing such a welcoming space where “all ships rise”.

Catherine, WA

I am really benefitting from the WMarketplace Accelerator. Engaging with others and the creative brainstorming is both enjoyable and enlightening. Every class provides me with something that I can incorporate into my ongoing projects.

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