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May 1 , 2024


If you landed on this site wanting to shop from women-owned businesses, you can see that we are doubling-down on our support for female entrepreneurs through our Accelerator program. After thoughtful consideration and reflecting on our journey over the last four years, Susan and I have decided to make a strategic pivot that we believe will maximize our impact. Starting May 1, 2024 we will be focusing exclusively on expanding our ecommerce training program and, as a result, have closed the sales channel portion of our business. 

The Accelerator program has shown significant potential in directly empowering women entrepreneurs at a scale and depth that aligns closely with our mission. The WMarketplace Accelerator launched in October of 2020 and is focused on supporting women-owned businesses to improve their sales across all online sales channels. To date over 225 women-owned businesses have successfully completed the program in the US and beyond. 

While this change marks the end of one chapter, it also ushers in a new era of dedication to empowerment. We hope to have your continued support as we focus on making a direct impact on the success of female entrepreneurs. We appreciate the trust you have placed in shopping with WMarketplace. Your support of the hundreds of women-owned businesses selling products and services on the site has been meaningful and we are happy to have been able to provide a platform for you to connect with these amazing women and their products. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you through our community initiatives and future projects. 

Susan and I are excited to embark on this next chapter together and are eager to see how we can further empower female entrepreneurs in new and impactful ways. 

Thank you for being a valued part of our community. We cherish every moment of support you have provided us and look forward to your continued engagement. 


Kate Isler and Susan Gates


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