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  • How do I sign up?
    Please email Colleen Butler for the current schedule:
  • What is WMarketplace Inc and its ecommerce accelerator program?
    WMarketplace Inc is an ecommerce accelerator program paired with a nation-wide online sales channel. The program is dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs worldwide who aim to enter and excel in the U.S. market. Participants have exclusive access to the WMarketplace online sales channel and expert-led real time ecommerce workshops within a cohort setting with other women entrepreneurs to empower women business owners in successfully selling their products online and achieving sustainable growth in the lucrative U.S. ecommerce market.
  • What are the key capabilities of the WMarketplace accelerator program?
    The WMarketplace Accelerator program offers access to a nation-wide online sales channel along with channel-agnostic, instructor-led training on ecommece topics. Mentorship and networking through communities of cohorts are foundational to the accelerator program. For more details on capabilities, please review the program overview page.
  • Why choose the WMarketplace Accelerator?
    Extensive expertise in ecommerce, with a focus on empowering women entrepreneurs Exclusive access to the WMarketplace online sales channel, targeting a wide customer base in the U.S. Comprehensive instructor-led ecommerce workshops covering essential topics Personalized support, mentorship, and guidance from industry professionals Tailored market entry and expansion strategies to maximize success in the U.S. Networking and collaboration opportunities within a supportive community Demonstrated commitment to economic development through ecommerce entrepreneurship Trackable ROI using ecommerce analytics
  • How can participating in the WMarketplace Accelerator benefit women entrepreneurs from other countries?
    Participating in WMarketplace ecommerce accelerator program enables women entrepreneurs from other countries a straight forward way to enter the U.S. Market with support and clear commercial terms. The program offers exclusive access to the WMarketplace online sales channel, expert guidance, tailored strategies, networking opportunities, and continuous learning. This collaboration fosters economic growth and promotes women's empowerment through successful participation in the U.S. ecommerce landscape.
  • How long is the WMarketplace Accelerator program?
    The application process normally takes 2-3 weeks from the time you apply until you receive acceptance into the program. Once you have been assigned to a cohort, a program start date will be communicated. Program workshops are once a week for 6 weeks. Each weekly session is 90 minutes. Coaching and mentoring will continue for six months from the cohort kick off.
  • What is the content of the ecommerce training in the WMarketplace Accelerator?
    Following is an outline of the 6 sessions of instructor-led ecommerce workshops: Week 1: Getting Started A successful blueprint for ecommerce What can you control: Images, SEO, product descriptions Optimizing your product descriptions and images Week 2: Building your Marketing plan Create/Refining you value proposition Identifying your customer avatar Week 3: Breaking Through the Noise Online Strategies to tell your story Tools and methods to stand out Leveraging social media Building your brand Week 4: Sales Channel Analysis Evaluating online channels Choosing the right channels for your business Are you ready to scale? Week 5: Customer Experience Customer service trends and policies Packaging and labeling* are critical The unboxing experience and customer retention Logistics support Import considerations (for global program) *Additional content for Global Program Week 6 (For Export-Focused Accelerator): Introduction to Exporting Taking advantage of state and federal resources Passive versus strategic exporting Finding and evaluation international markets Shipping and logistics Optimizing your online store for international customers Week 6 (For Domestic Accelerator): Business overview / putting it all together Business planning & finance Pricing and profit Inventory Shipping Taxes
  • How often do cohorts start?
    Cohorts typically launch monthly. Please reach out to Colleen Butler for the current schedule:
  • How many businesses can participate in an accelerator cohort?
    Cohort sizes range from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 businesses. Forming community among the participants and the ability to ask questions of our expert facilitators is key to our success so we keep cohorts small.
  • What is cost to participation in the WMarketplace Accelerator program?
    For participants in the US program, the cost for each business to participate is $1499. This program includes: 6 weeks of instructor-led workshops, each 90 minutes 1 year membership to WMarketplace sales channel 6 months of mentoring and support from the start of the cohort
  • Does the WMarketplace Accelerator program offer scholarships?


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