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WMARKETPLACE GLOBAL ECOMMERCE ACCELERATOR: Access for Women Entrepreneurs to the U.S. Consumer Market

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WMarketplace Inc is an ecommerce accelerator program paired with a nation-wide online sales channel, dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs from around the world who aspire to enter and excel in the U.S. market. We offer a comprehensive platform that provides exclusive access to the WMarketplace online sales channel, coupled with expert-led ecommerce workshops. By leveraging our tailored approach, we empower women business owners to successfully sell their products online and achieve sustainable growth within the highly lucrative U.S. ecommerce market.



Access to the WMarketplace Online Sales Channel: Our accelerator program provides participants with tailored access to the WMarketplace online platform. This high-traffic ecommerce channel is specifically designed to showcase women-led businesses and their products and services. By utilizing this platform, global women entrepreneurs can effectively reach a vast customer base within the United States, enhancing brand visibility and driving sales.


Instructor-Led Ecommerce Workshops: We offer comprehensive ecommerce workshops specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in the U.S. market. Key topics covered include market research, product listing optimization, branding, digital marketing, logistics, customer service, and more. For international participants, key practicalities for importation will be covered, including import regulations and procedures, labeling, packaging and safety requirements, intellectual property rights and more. By participating in these workshops, entrepreneurs gain invaluable knowledge and practical guidance necessary for success.


Tailored Support and Mentorship: Our program provides personalized support and mentorship to ensure that women entrepreneurs receive the necessary guidance throughout their ecommerce journey. Our experienced team of advisors and mentors offers one-on-one consultations, helping participants refine their business strategies, overcome challenges, and make informed decisions to drive growth and success.


Market Entry and Expansion Strategy: We assist participants in developing effective market entry and expansion strategies tailored specifically to the U.S. market. Our team provides invaluable insights into consumer behavior, competitive analysis, pricing strategies, and marketing tactics, allowing entrepreneurs to maximize market penetration. We also aid in adapting products and messaging to align with the preferences and demands of the U.S. customer base.


Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: WMarketplace Inc fosters a vibrant community of women entrepreneurs. Through our networking events, online forums, and community platforms, participants can connect, collaborate, and share experiences. This enables them to establish partnerships, gain valuable connections, and find support within a like-minded community of ambitious individuals.


Continuous Learning and Up-to-Date Industry Knowledge: We remain committed to keeping participants ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving ecommerce industry. As part of our program, we provide ongoing access to industry insights, trends, and updates, enabling entrepreneurs to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly. This ensures that participants are equipped to navigate the dynamic U.S. market landscape with confidence.


  • Extensive expertise in ecommerce, with a strong focus on empowering women entrepreneurs

  • Exclusive access to the WMarketplace online sales channel, targeting a wide customer base in the U.S

  • Comprehensive instructor-led ecommerce workshops covering essential topics

  • Personalized support, mentorship, and guidance

  • Tailored market entry and expansion strategies to maximize success in the U.S.

  • Networking and collaboration opportunities within a supportive community

  • Demonstrated commitment to economic development through ecommerce entrepreneurship

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Partner with WMarketplace Inc's ecommerce accelerator program and empower women entrepreneurs from your country to thrive in the U.S. online commerce market. Together, we can foster economic growth and promote women's empowerment through successful participation in the U.S. ecommerce landscape.

6 diverse business women


WMarketplace Accelerator is an official strategic partner of the U.S. International Trade Administration and WBENC Certified Women-Owned Business.

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