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WMARKETPLACE ECOMMERCE ACCELERATOR: Nationwide Accelerator for Emerging Women-Owned Brands

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At The WMarketplace Inc, we are committed to providing emerging women-owned brands with the tools, resources, and support they need to excel in the digital era. Our unique Nationwide Ecommerce Accelerator focuses on empowering women entrepreneurs by offering access to a nationwide sales channel while providing comprehensive training, and ongoing support. We believe that by facilitating access to a broader customer base, equipping participants with essential skills, and fostering a strong support network and community, we drive economic and entrepreneurship development while ensuring a fair and equal opportunity for women-owned brands to succeed online. By empowering women entrepreneurs to successfully operate online, The WMarketplace seeks to support their economic independence.



Nationwide Sales Channel Access: As part of our ecommerce accelerator, we provide participants with a unique opportunity to tap into a nationwide sales channel. Leveraging our established network and platform, women-owned brands gain access to a larger customer base, expanding their market reach and increasing their sales potential. We facilitate seamless integration, enabling participants to sell their products or services to customers across the country.


Comprehensive Training and Education: To thrive in the digital landscape, women entrepreneurs need to acquire essential ecommerce skills. Our ecommerce accelerator offers comprehensive training and education tailored to the specific needs of emerging brands. Participants receive guidance in areas such as online marketing, website optimization, customer acquisition and retention, and customer service. We equip them with the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate the ecommerce landscape successfully.


Ongoing Support and Mentoring: Building a robust support network is critical for long-term success. At The WMarketplace Inc, we provide participants with ongoing support and mentorship opportunities. Our experienced mentors offer guidance, share industry insights, and provide personalized feedback. We facilitate networking events, workshops, and peer-to-peer learning sessions, fostering a collaborative environment where women entrepreneurs can connect, learn from one another, and build valuable relationships to edit and add your own text.


Access to Funding and Resources: We recognize that access to funding is often a challenge for emerging women-owned brands. As part of our accelerator program, we connect participants with various funding opportunities, grants, and loans specifically tailored for women entrepreneurs. Additionally, we connect participants with resources within our ecosystem such as legal and financial services, and marketing agencies, ensuring they have the necessary infrastructure and support to thrive in the digital marketplace.


Performance Tracking and Evaluation: Measuring progress and success is crucial for continuous improvement. Our accelerator program incorporates performance tracking and evaluation mechanisms. We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for the cohort, regularly assessing metrics such as sales growth, customer acquisition, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction. These evaluations provide valuable insights for refining strategies, identifying areas for improvement, tailoring support to the specific needs of women-owned brands, and program effectiveness for funding agencies.


  • Extensive expertise in ecommerce, with a strong focus on empowering women entrepreneurs.

  • ROI analytics including sales growth, conversions, impressions, and custom KPIs

  • Exclusive access to the nation-wide WMarketplace online sales channel

  • Comprehensive instructor-led ecommerce workshops covering essential topics

  • Personalized support, mentorship, and guidance

  • Networking and collaboration opportunities within a supportive community

  • Demonstrated commitment to economic development through ecommerce entrepreneurship

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Partner with WMarketplace Inc's ecommerce accelerator program and empower women entrepreneurs  to thrive in the highly competitive and challenging online commerce market. Together, we can foster economic growth and promote women's empowerment through successful participation in the U.S. ecommerce landscape.

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WMarketplace Accelerator is an official strategic partner of the U.S. International Trade Administration and WBENC Certified Women-Owned Business.

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